Ukraine’s real history has not ever been written. History has always been written for us outside our country. Certain exceptions only confirm this.

In 2014, we faced aggression that we did not expect or forecast. A lot of people did not believe in its possibility.

Ironically, our enemy is not an evil genius.

Everything that is happening today has already been in our history. In history, which was forgotten, closed, classified. In spoiled history. The fake history.

Decades of darkness have done their job.

There was a substitution of concepts in the nation’s consciousness.

“Good and evil”, “black and white” have changed their places.

There was a demonization of patriots and heroization of villains.

It is time to put everything in its place and give a true name to each fact. This is our duty and responsibility to future generations and a real chance to win.

There are many ways of studying history. There are countless ways of telling about history. But all of them depend on author’s worldview, the skills of the creator.

However, there is a way, that is the most objective, the most true evidence of historical events.

It’s the human’s fate, the real person’s fate!

Archival affairs allow not only to learn about individual’s destiny. They allow you to get to know that person better. Look in the eyes on the photo, hold his personal belongings.

They allow you to read the last words of a person, who understands he is doomed.

They allow you to read the last words of a person, who has been waiting for decades for the return of a loved one.

The fate of many lies in archival affairs. The fate of real people, patriots and executioners does. The real history of Ukraine does.

So, let’s open them…