PROJECT “1917”

Modern Ukraine exists in the geopolitical projection of 1917.

Is there a chance to break out of the closed  circle of mistakes?

Shouldn’t we stop calling villains the fathers of the Ukrainian nation?

The truth about events from 100 years ago is shocking, but without the past there is no future.

A century ago, Ukraine had a chance to gain independence and go its own way. Such countries as Finland, Poland, former parts of the Russian Empire, took their chance.

How did it happen that the lands of Ukraine were plunged into the darkness of war and famine?

The days of 1917 were so intense, that it is possible to shoot a particular film or write books about nearly every month.

The February events of 1917, called the Revolution by historians, led to the fall of the seemingly unbreakable tsarist rule. Within days, the Russian Empire stopped existing.

At that time, people who had a significant impact on future events have gained power in Ukraine, and war, famine and ruin were  soon to come to this country.

Mykhailo Hrushevsky and Volodymyr Vynnychenko were canonized by Ukrainian historiography.

Streets and educational institutions are named after them. They are being worshipped. But who really was each one of them? What did they want?

Who were the real heroes?

The discovered archival documents shed light on these issues.

Although not everyone will like it, but without it we are condemned to repeat the mistakes of our past over and over again.

We have something and someone to be proud of. Almost every day we learn about events and people who have been erased from our history or tarnished by propaganda.

The incredible strength of the Ukrainianized military movement, which was, in fact, the basis and chance of restored Ukraine.

Unseen consciousness of the rural population, which was considered dark and uneducated.

The first, second Russian-Ukrainian wars of the XX century and The Third Russian-Ukrainian War or the

War of Bolshevik Russia against the Ukrainian Peasants. What do we know about them?

Kyiv still remembers the parades of the Ukrainian military and their allies after defeating and banishing  Russian

Bolsheviks from Ukraine in 1918 and 1920.

What do we know about these pages of history?

Explore your own history. It is time to learn from our mistakes and avoid repeating them.