It was on 13th of April, 2014. Believers of Eastern Christianity were celebrating Palm Sunday, while other Christians were celebrating Easter.

Celebrations weren’t filled with joy that year. The country hasn’t recovered from Euromaidan tragedy yet. Even a month didn’t paass from the beginning of armed capture of Crimea by Russians.

Anxiety and uncertainty have filled Ukrainians.

Worry was spreading over Eastern Ukraine.

The group of CSO’s «A» senior officers were accompanying leaders of anti-terrorist unit in Donbass. They were getting ready to free administrative buildings which were captured by unknown individuals.

The group was consisted of different law enforcers and soldiers.

There is another stop for a short meeting with locals and reconnaissance.

A private security car with Poltava region license plates is approaching the stop. It moves on a busy road and does not stand out among the other cars.

Suddenly, heavy fire from automatic firearms was opened on the officers.

The bullets were raining from the car and a windbreak.

In the first few seconds of shooting a few soldiers were wounded.

Captain Bilichenko, already mortally wounded, has tried to cover his friends and colleagues by firing back.

The attack of Russian saboteurs was repulsed. Several other «A» officers and other law enforcers were severely wounded in that fight.

Paratroopers of the 3rd Company of the 80th Separate Air Assault Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine(ZSU) came to help «А» and MIA fighters.

Captain Gennady Bilichenko was the first officer, who gave his life for his Fatherland in Eastern Ukraine. Unfortunately, he was not the last.

It was the first battle with Russian saboteurs in Eastern Ukraine.

Thus began an active phase of the Russian-Ukrainian war which is still continuing today.

The documentary «А» tells about the fighters of The Centre of Special Operations for Combating Terrorism of the Security Service of Ukraine and their participation in the war in Eastern Ukraine.

The motto of this elite unit, which meets everyone on the stairs of the anti-terrorist centre is:“Life for the Fatherland – honour to no one”.