STEP PRODUCTION LLC is a producer of audiovisual products (live-action and non-live-action films, television programs etc.).

Ukrainian State Film Agency has included STEP PRODUCTION LLC in the National Register of manufacturers and distributors of films.

The mission of our organization is to create high-quality audiovisual content based on objective sources, which is one of the elements of the  security space of Ukrainian society. Accordingly, one of the key tasks is to counter Russian information aggression.

Our strategy is to create quality audiovisual content, namely: documentaries, television programs, educational and live-action films.

First of all, we chose the segment of historical and patriotic audiovisual content, because, as a result of the analysis, we came to the conclusion that the russian information campaign against Ukraine is based primarily on falsified history, manipulation of facts and “fake” news.

Our short-term goal is:

  1. Making documentaries and television programs that cover unknown pages of our history or tell about true events of our biography.
  2. Making audiovisual products that reveal the methods and tactics of the Russian Federation and are used against Ukraine and other democratic countries.

Our long-term goal: to create a high-quality competitive national live-action audiovisual and educational product  and to promote the Ukrainian audiovisual segment abroad.

During the preparations for the production of audiovisual content, the company conducts extensive analytical and research work with historical sources, archives, scientific papers. One-on-one meetings and interviews with experts, eyewitnesses add specifity and make the material alive, truthful and exciting.